❀ Bonjour Printemps ❀


                         Sneak Peak at Apple May Design’s Arcade Items! 
                                                   Available on March 1st!!

❀ The Makeup ❀

❀ The Outfit❀

  • Hair: RAMA.SALON – Chloe Hair ‘EXCLUSIVE’ @FaMESHed
  • Horns: (Apple May Designs) Satyress Horns – Ivory @The Arcade
  • Necklace: ::SAGA::  Autumn Necklace
  • Arm Band: (Apple May Designs) Satyr Leafy Armband @The Arcade
  • Top: (Apple May Designs) Satyr Hide Top – White Hide @The Arcade
  • Belt: (Apple May Designs) Satyr Waist Belt – White @The Arcade
  • Tail: (Apple May Designs) Satyress Fuzzy Tail – White Fur @The Arcade
  • Bottoms: (Apple May Designs) Satyr Hot Pants – White @The Arcade
  • Hooves: (Apple May Designs) Satyress Hooves – White Fur @The Arcade

❀ The Poses ❀

❀ The Scene ❀


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