Too Much CutieLoot!


~~The Body ~~
  • Skin: more more. momo skin_RARE1 (catwa)
  • Head: CATWA – Catya
  • Eyes: .tsg. Magic Eyes – Amethyst/Ice Blue @Cutie Loot (May)
  • Ears: *Tentacio* My kawaii ears @Cutie Loot (April )
~~~The Makeup~~~
~~~~The Outfit~~~~
  • Hair: Doe: Olivia @Cutie Loot (May)
  • Rings: ^^Swallow^^ Aphrodite Bento Rings 0.1 @Kustom9
  • Body Suit: Luas Kawaii Swimsuit @Cutie Loot (June)
  • Heels: [BREATHE]-Amanda Heels @Cutie Loot (March)
~~~~~The Poses~~~~~
~~~~~~The Scene~~~~~~
  • Prop 1: CMYK// 1. you’re my destiny
  • Prop 2: {moss&mink} Vanity Table @Cutie Loot (May)
  • Prop 3: {moss&mink} Vanity seat @Cutie Loot (May)
  • Prop 4: +Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain – Square (White)
  • Prop 5: Peaches ‘n Cream- Sundae Chair @Cutie Loot (April)
  • Prop 6: Peaches ‘n Cream- Sundae Ottoman @Cutie Loot (April)
  • Prop 7: [Cosmic Dust]- What Does the Fox Say? @Cutie Loot (March)
  • Prop 8: dust bunny . white rose pitcher
  • Prop 9: LAGOM – Sakura sweetness [Table]
  • Prop 10: +Half-Deer+ Porcelain Unicorn Figurine  @Cutie Loot 
  • Prop 11: MishMish – Hammie & Brushes
  • Prop 12: MishMish – Hammie & Makeup RARE
  • Prop 13: +Half-Deer+ Mini Piggy – Fairest of them All RARE
  • Prop 14: MishMish – Hammie & Makeup Clutter
  • Prop 15: +Half-Deer+ Pretty Kitty Floor Pillow @Cutie Loot (April)
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❀ Midnight Stroll ❀


~~~The Makeup~~~
  • Tattoos: GUHIT – Amihan (Group Gift)
~~~~The Outfit~~~~
~~~~~The Poses~~~~~
~~~~~~The Scene~~~~~~
  • Sim: Issss… somewhere.. coming soooon! >.>